14th Annual RUST AND DUST CLUB Antique Tractor, Engine, Truck and Car Show
Pfafftown, NC, June 4, 5, and 6, 1999

 This was my first visit to this show, and I was not disappointed. Even though
there were not a lot of engines, what was there was interesting. Of course, as usual
the people are what make the shows special, and I met several very interesting folks.

This 12 HP IHC Famous was featured on the show button this year. It was restored,
and is owned by Wayne McInnis, of Lewisville, NC. This is a beautiful engine, with
a lot of brass. Wayne, shown in picture, above right, has done a meticulous job of
restoration on this engine!!

** **
Above left, a 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks 'Z', 'dishpan', owned by Jeff Cole of Georgeville, NC. Center,
a unique display of a 1928 Chevrolet, 'Superior', engine. Many of these engines were used as
stationary power units to run buzz saws or anything that could be operated by a flat belt.
This display was put together by Ken McIntosh of Winston Salem, NC. He removed the valve
cover to show a little 'action', and made a screen cooling unit to add a little more interest.
Next is a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z' style C, owned by Morris Floyd of Winston Salem, NC.

Elwin Muntz, of Advance, NC., did a great job displaying this McCormick Deering feed
grinder and engine pictured on the left. In place of the hopper he put a plexiglass shield which
keeps little hands out of the way, and allows a good view of the 'innards' of the grinder. On the
right is a nice running 1 3/4 HP hercules 'S', owned by Tom Jackson, Walkertown, NC.

* * *
The four engines pictured above are owned by Doc Kirkman of Greensboro, NC. This is
a great display of two models of about 1/2 scale, and two rare fractional horsepower
air cooled engines. The models are a IHC 'Mogul', on the left, and a 'stovepipe' Domestic next
to it.These were both built my Doc. The third engine is a 1/2 HP Page cream separator
engine, and the fourth engine is a 'Duro', made by Stover to run a sewing machine.
What a beautiful lineup!!!

Here is a nice pair of engines owned by B. F. Holcomb, Jr. On the left is a 4 HP Waterloo Boy,
and on the right is a 2 HP Jaeger.

On the left is a 7 HP Waterloo Boy owned by Allen Shoe, of Pleasant Garden, NC, and on
the right is a rare 7 HP Kootz and Stroehman pumping engine owned by Tom Cox Jr, of
Reidsville, NC.

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