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    I purchased this small hopper cooled Hit and Miss engine in about 1984 from Carl Bergman who lived in Lancaster California.   He told me that an old timer in the Lancaster area had told him that the engine had been used to turn a honey separator.  Now Carl must have been about 70 at the time so this old timer must have been older that dirt.

    When I bought the engine it was missing almost all of the governor and timing parts as well as the external flywheel and pulley.  The crank is cantilevered inside the crank case and it has a brass connecting rod and cap. There are two sets of roller bearings supporting the crank one against the internal flywheel and the other near the external flywheel and pulley.  The bore is about 2" and I imagine this engine puts out about 1/2 to 3/4 hp.

    The engine as I bought it consisted of the complete internals, the push rod and exhaust valve rocker arm and the brass mixer with a crude gas tank soldered on top. The green parts in the pictures excluding the parts at the base of the front foot are the original parts.  The push rod and bracket are original but the governor lockout arm, spring and catch were reverse engineered by me to make the engine run. It runs well and fires about 20 times a minute at 350 rpm at idle.  The flywheel that I installed is a water valve turn off wheel bushed and keyed to fit the crankshaft.

    I was showing the engine at the Orange County Fair in California about 18 years ago when a man said that his Uncle had a Nordyke and Marmon Flourmill engine somewhat larger but similar in appearance.  I have since found that that company was in Indianapolis Indiana and possibly sold out to International Harvester about 1940.  I have no way of knowing if this man knew what he was talking about or was just blowing smoke.

Any help in identifying this engine will be appreciated.

Dick Welty, Temecula, California  daw4224@yahoo.com