Pictured here are engines that are unidentified. If you have any information that will aid in the identification of these engines, please contact the person whose email address appears with the picture. If you have an engine that you would like to include on this page, please contact me, Ken Christison, at: christison@coastalnet.com

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Semi-diesel in Queensland

So far it has been ascertained this engine is "a hot bulb 2 stroke semi diesel", this engine is located up on the Wenlock River at the now closed down gold diggings at Batavia Downs (50/60's), Cape York, the engine and other old machinery is part of the Queensland Heritage listing and as such will deteriorate over time.  Click thumbnail for larger view. mailto:frednali@bigpond.com


  Dick Welty of Temecula, California sent some pictures along with a description of this neat little engine he calls a "Wizzding".  Click on the picture to see more images.

                From Louis Boshoff, Pretoria, South Africa

This diesel engine needs to be identified. All of the parts are marked "HL" followed by a number. Click on the image to see more pictures.


Rowland mystery engine.
From Ed and Nick Rowland comes this interesting engine, along with several other equally interesting unidentified engines.  Please click on the picture at left to go to their page.

oostvogels mystery engine

Adrie and Jeanne Oostvogels have owned this engine for a few years  now and would like to know what it is.  Please click on image to go to their webpage with more photos.

 From Peter Ogborne , Trigg Western Australia

This engine has a bore of 4 inches and a flywheel diam of 36 inches ...it is a petrol [ gas ] engine.

From Peter Ogborne, Trigg Western Australia

It is a single cylinder ,water cooled four cycle engine . It was found nearSouthern Cross [ name of the town ] in Western Australia . I have a feeling that it is of Australian manufacture but I may well be wrong.


From Jim Sherman of Vashon, WA comes this interesting engine. For more information, click on the image at left. If you can help Jim, please contact him at: jsherman-66@home.com


From Peter Ogborne comes this interesting engine.

"It is a 4 cycle water cooled single cylinder engine . I do know that it was made in the German town of Chemnitz and I would say that it was definitely pre ww2. It looks like it may have been marine but then again no one in the marine circles knows any thing about it ."
> Peter and Jo Ogborne
> Trigg Western Australia


From Reg Ingold of Holmesville. N.S.W.Australia comes this mystery engine.


Darryl Payne of NZ sends pictures of this small engine for identification.. There are some parts missing, but hopefully there is enough there to give someone an idea of the maker. Click on the picture for more details.


Diccon Roberts of the UK sends us this little gem for identification. Click on the picture to learn more about it.


Bill Brueck is seeking a positive identification of this inverted engine, thought to be a Davis. Click on the image for more information.


Greg Weinfurtner submitted this picture of a small air cooled engine that might be a Wisconsin. For more on this "mystery" engine, click on the image at left.


From Peter Ogborne jopetertrigg@optusnet.com.au of Trigg, Western Australia, comes this entry: It is a hot tube engine with a belt driven governor ,the bob weights are inclosed in the horizontal drum .
(updated Jan. 24, 2002)


This steam engine ran a sawmill, and belongs to a gentleman in Nova Scotia who is a friend of Dave Reed. If you can identify it, please contact Dave at: otto@dol.net


Keith Kinney is looking for any information possible on this little marine engine. Just click on the image to go to his page.


The three images above were sent in by Dave Otto at: dotto@micron.net Dave describes this engine as: "It is about 3 hp and almost appears to have been shop made. Not that all engines weren't built in shops but this one looks like it may have been a one off type of deal. Except for the major parts, block, water hopper, flywheels, and head, all of the parts have been machined from solid bar stock."


Ron Haskell is looking for help in identifying this interesting engine. To see more pictures, go to his page at: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumList?u=924479 and click on Mystery engine. Click on this picture to enlarge it. You can contact Ron at: rdhaskell@juno.com


This engine is owned by Paul Gray. He has several pictures on his webpage that can be found at: http://www.dol.net/~pgray/mystery.htm


The three pictures above show an unidentified engine submitted by Paul at: Paul141@aol.com

Thanks to Ted Brookover for identifying this as a Stewart "Little Wonder" by Chicago Flexible Shaft Co.

If you have an unidentified engine and want it included here, please contact me, Ken Christison, at: christison@coastalnet.com

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