Mathews, VA
Sept. 8, - 9, 2000

This show was held on the grounds of the High School. After
fighting our way through the traffic of downdown Mathews,
(this was in conjunction with the Market Days event), we
located the show and immediately ran into some of our new
friends from the Endview and Stonewall shows.

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Above left, Calvin Williams of Gloucester, VA. is chatting with some of the visitors
about his beautiful 15 HP Pattin Bros. engine. On the right, some folks are getting
a closeup view of this nice running engine.

Howard Field of Gloucester, VA is shown reaching for an ear of corn to put in his Hocking
Valley corn sheller. Howard graciously allowed my 92 year old mother-in-law to pass the time
under his canopy. A special thanks to all who helped make her comfortable for her first engine
show! She is still commenting on how nice everyone was:-)

Above left, is a great example of a Cletrac "F". Next to that is a 6 HP Root and
Vandervoort "Triumph. This engine originally ran a gristmill at the "Breezy
Point Farm". On the right is a close up view which I had to lighten up a bit
due to it being in the shadow. This engine and the Cletrac are owned by
William Morris of Cobb's Creek, VA.

The sparkplug behind this show is Thomas Hunley of Mathews. Above, he is shown tending
to his engines in the first two pictures. He also owns the Bulldog engine on the right.

The pictures above represent part of the collection of JW Armistead of Mathews.
He is shown on the right posing with his newly restored Coldwell lawn mower.
I would like to thank him for inviting us to the show, since it was not advertised
very far away from home.

Above is shown some of the fine work by Walter Hunley. On the left, Walter is
standing next to his 6 HP McCormick Deering . The other two pictures show
his unique sawmill run by a 3 HP McCormick Deering "M". The saw operates
just like a large jigsaw:-)

Above are two shots showing the interest of the spectators in a great display
of IHC engines featuring the all sizes of the "M" series. (Don't know where
the little green engine came from)

Above lsft is a nice example of a 3 HP IHC "Titan". The engine is owned by
Charles Mayer of Mathews. Brad Allen of Gloucester was tending the engine
while Charles was away.

Henry Lackey of Deltaville, VA had this great display of marine engines. The
middle picture shows Henry starting the 5 HP Atlantic engine, which was made in
Nova Scotia. He demonstrated the technique of reversing this engine for us. He
probably reversed it a dozen times. The small engine on the right is a Stuart-Turner
of 1 1/2 HP. Altogether there were 12 engines on the trailer.