Here is an engine that really makes nice stack music. This is another engine that will lull a person to sleep. 90 HP Three Ball Klein, owned by Nate Lillibridge, Voluntown, CT. Nate keeps several engines at this location. He could have a great engine show all by himself with the engines he keeps here.

A head on view just after it was cranked up.

Here Nate is making adjustments after starting.

This is a 60 HP De La Vergne "DH" old style oil engine owned by Nate. Unseen in the background is Leo Korb, helping start this beautiful engine.
Brian Mann of Sicklerville, NJ is shown here with his 25 HP Alamo. This is the earliest Alamo I have seen. This engine ran a shingle mill in Wiscasset Maine. This side of the building is pretty dark, so the photos came out pretty poor.
This is Brian's 20 HP Oil City engine. This is the first time I really looked at a pendulum governor. Leo Korb explained it to me so I finally have a better understanding of this simple mechanism. 
Here is a closeup of the governor. (the white thing that looks like part of the governor is really the spout of an oil can behind it.)
The largest gas engine in the collection is this 485 HP Cooper tandem double acting gas engine, built by C.& G. Cooper, Mt. Vernon, Ohio in 1913. This engine ran a pumping station at Medina, Ohio, owned by the Columbia Gas Co. Here, Roger Kreibel is standing next to the crankshaft. Roger gave us a great tour of this engine
Here are the 11,000 lb. flywheel halves. I wish I had carried a tape recorder to get all of the dimensions of this engine. This is a very large project for a club to take on, but I know they will accomplish it in a very professional manner.