Oct. 20 - 21, 2000

Kinzer, PA

Friday was a pretty quiet day at this show. We had a chance
to spend more time with the engines and exhibits that are
owned by the club and it's members. There weren't many
outside exhibitors this day, but we kept pretty busy anyway.

After you have checked these pages out, you might want to check
out the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association

(click on images for larger version)

This walking beam steam engine was in continuous use for
54 years with the Public Service of New Jersey.
Ever see a steam lawn mower? Well, here's one. Didn't see a name on it.
A view from the working end. The drive wheel is the roller ahead of the blades.
This is an inverted vertical twin steam engine built by Nadig and Wright , Allentown, Pa. in 1873.
Had to get the obligatory Rumley Oil-Pull picture. :-)
New Holland rock crusher.
Getting the belt lined up on Chase shingle mill.
Harold Seibert of Hummelstown, PA was there with a nice display of well crafted models. We enjoyed our short, informative, visit with Harold. The more of these models I see, the more I want to try my hand at one:-)
Elias Beiler of New Holland, PA is shown here getting his beautiful 6 HP Columbus ready to crank up. This engine has spent it's whole life right here in this region. It was originally used to saw wood and grind feed. This whole outfit has the original finish.
This is a beautiful piece of machinery from Belgium. No details.
Thanks to Jim and Helen French of the UK for this image of the nameplate. I still don't know the proper pronunciation, but at least you can say it to yourself;-) Helen has a great webpage at:
We didn't get to see if run, but I can imagine the action of the slide valve mechanisms.
Brightened up a bit to show a little more detail.

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