** **
Above left - This is a nice 1 1/2 HP Emerson Brantingham in it's
working clothes. Center - This is a well presented 1 1/4 HP Monitor
pumpjack outfit, owned by Wayne Gearhart of Parsippany, NJ.
Right - This well done 4 1/2 HP Olds type 3-A is owned by Walt
Augustine of Berlin, PA.

** **
Above left - This is a nice working display of corn related machinery.
Included were a hammermill, a small hand corn sheller, several
small hand cranked burr mills, and a larger burr mill operated by a
3 HP IHC 'M' engine. Most of this equipment is McCormick Deering.
We enjoyed chatting with the owner, Earl C. Cox of Rising Sun, MD.
Center - This is a Stickney of about 10 HP (not sure). This is about as
large a one as I have seen. Right - This display shows several New
Holland engines in their working clothes. It sure was great seeing so
many of these reasonably rare engines.

The two gentlemen above are friends from the stationary engine
list, whom we had not met before. On the left is Ted Brookover,
and his friend from Australia, Edd Payne. Ted and Edd's engines
can be seen on Ted's webpage which can be accessed by going to: They were just
getting ready to leave when we caught up with them. I hope the next
visit will be much longer. On the right, is a view of the Ted and Edd
show leaving their space, and the look of sadness by the neighbors;-)

** **
This year's show featured the Rumely tractors, and I had to put
a few shots of this gathering. It was very impressive.

In closing, the above picture hopefully conveys the spirit of
this show. The quiet grace of the steam folks and their machines,
and the feeling of 'family' which surrounds you at Kinzers. Most
of the people we spoke to were very friendly and open, much like
we expect to see here 'down south'. I regret that I couldn't get good
exposures of the rare engines in the buildings owned by the club.
A whole page could be put together just on the collection there.

Questions - comments?