Kinzers, PA

August , 1999

Kinzers is steam! Everywhere you look something is running off
of steam. We got there on Friday afternoon, the 20th , and stayed
until about 7. The weather was unseasonably cool, and at times
damp. Saturday morning was cool and grey and the picture above
gives a little taste of the atmosphere. Despite the weather, the
show was a great experience for us 'southerners'. I have heard
of this show for over 30 years, and we were finally able to see,
hear, and feel, the real deal!

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** **
Above left - This is a great working display with a Maytag
washer and a couple of pumpjacks, one operated by a 1/2 HP
New Holland. These were all restored and were shown by
John Fleming of Birdsboro, PA. Center - This is a 'Jumbo'
cement mixer with a 1 3/4 HP Nelson Bros. 'Little Jumbo'
engine, owned by Ken Rapp of Birdsboro, PA. Right - This
display features an early New Holland, a rare 'Oriole' burr
mill, an IHC 'Mogul Jr.', and an upright IHC Famous. These
are owned by Harry Mitchell of McAlisterville, PA. I got
so engrossed in conversation with Harry, that I failed to get
all of the model and horsepower information of his engines.

** **
Above left - This display features a 1 1/2 HP New Way engine
running a 6 inch New Holland burr mill. Owner Andrew Frank
of Milford, NJ. is making some alignment adjustments to the belt.
Center - Here is a beautifully restored Mietz and Weiss engine that
was for sale. Right - If you ever wondered how the cloth is braided
on the old spark plug wires, this is the machine that did the braiding.
Here, Shirley Hietala of Enfield, CT is demonstrating this fascinating
machine. To the left of that machine is a flat braiding machine.

  ** **
Above left - This Marvel draw cut hack saw is demonstrated by
Bob McKee from near Hershey, PA. Center - A nice display of a
5 HP IHC Vertical engine owned by Walt Morgan of Springfield,
Ontario Canada. Right - This display shows the usefulness of the
Maytag twin, running a small burr mill, owned by Mike Yordy
from near Hershey, PA.