Sept. 25, 1999 - Jamestown, NC

This show is held on the property of Willard Moore, and is sponsored
by the Jamestown - Union Hill Lions Club. Saturday the 25th of September
was a beautiful day for any kind of outdoor activities. This is a small show
which can easily be seen in a half a day, which makes it easy to drive several
hours and still get home at a reasonable hour. This show also features
several unique pieces of equipment owned by Willard Moore, which in
themselves are worth the trip. We would like to thank Willard and the
members of the Lions club that make this such a great show!!

(click on image for larger picture)
Above left is a scale model Meadows grist mill which was built by
modelmaker extraordinaire Garland Jobe. Garland has the most
beautiful display of models that you will see anywhere. Right is a 3 HP
Massey Harris type 2 owned by Donnie Campbell of Rocky Mount, VA.

Above left is an Ideal model "V", owned by John and Ruby Bumgarner.
Right is a nice example of a 3 HP IHC model "E", owned by Brose Easterby.

* *
Above left is a 1 HP IHC "Famous" owned by Greg Doby of Burlington, NC.
Right is a 1 1/2 HP Lauson "Frost King" owned by Robert Perkins of
Lexington, NC.

* *
Above left is a beautifully restored 6 HP Associated owned by Mark Brown
of Trinity, NC. Right is the cane mill used by the crew at the show to grind
sorghum. This is a mill that was made for Belknap Hardware Co. that has
been converted to run off of a flat belt.

* *
Above left is a rare Jackrabbit engine built in North Carolina,
and right is a 9 HP Alamo. Both of these engines are owned by
Willard Moore. I took these at last year's show, but figured
this was a good time to put them on a page:-)


Above left is a well done custom job on a Maytag upright, owned
by Leonard Dennison of Winston Salem, NC. Right, is a 1 HP Stover
running a small grist mill. This neat little outfit is owned by John
Turner of Lenoir, NC

Above left is a Delco pump which is the first of this type I have
seen. It is owned by Gary Godfrey of Dry Fork, VA. Right is a
fine restoration of a 5 HP Fuller and Johnson owned by Charles
Kelley of Sanford, NC