Gretna, VA Oct. 16, 1999

Saturday morning started out foggy and cool, but by noon had turned
into a beautiful fall day. the show is held in downtown Gretna, and
the the first sight to greet us was a street full of cars from the
50's and 60's. After strolling through this great display, we heard
the familiar sounds of hit and miss engines running. The engine and
tractor part of the show is pretty small, but it seems we enjoy the
small shows as much as the large ones. I think it has to do with the
people and not just the old iron. We met our friends Tom and Millie
Schmutz of Concord, VA, who provided a place to sit as well as some
refreshments which were very much appreciated. We also met their
daughter Traci and her son Adam whom we have heard a lot about :-)

(click on image for larger picture)
* *
Above left - this is the view that welcomed us to Gretna. Center - this 1951
Mercury pickup is one that I don't recall ever seeing when I was growing up.
Right - this woody takes the term to a new level. It is built on a 1986
Pontiac Grand Prix chassis.

* *
The three pictures above represent the collection of Phil Brooks. The
Economy on the left is a 5 HP. Center - this is a 2 Hp Jaeger on a
neat little custom cart. Right - a 1 3/4 HP Little Jumbo built by
Nelson Brothers.

The picture above left is a nice collection of engines including Fairbanks
Morse and a Stover. The Myers 'Bulldozer' pump shown on the right was running
a small waterwheel that I neglected to photograph.

Above left - this Johnson 'Utilimotor' is part of a neat display by
Bill and Becky Johnson of Greensboro, NC. I learn a lot every time
I visit with Bill. Right - this little Stover burr mill is powered by a
1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson engine. This outfit is owned by Ken
Cvacho of Forest. VA. We always enjoy our visits with Ken and his
wife Mary Kay, and with Dennis and Marion Anderson. Dennis was there
with his 1 1/2 HP Lister and water pump.

* *
The above images show the display that Wayne and Hazel Dove of Waynesboro,
VA. The picture on the left shows a meat grinder that was one of the many
accessories available for the Maytag washers. Next is a Maytag showing the
butter churn accessory. On the right is the display of small engines including
Maytag, Briggs and Stratton and one unique engine built from parts.