Reunion of the Past
Endview Plantation, Newport News, VA
May 27 - 28, 2000

This is our first time attending this show. Saturday morning turned out overcast, but
free of rain. We met up our new friends from Gloucester, Calvin and Mary Williams.
They are very hospitable folks, and made us feel very welcome to this the second annual
Reunion of the Past show. This is a small show for engine devotees, but the quality of the
displays and the friendliness of the exhibitors makes it a great way to spend a half a
day at least. If you are also interested in tractors and tractor pulls, this show will keep
you all day. There were also some very nice craft displays which were worth investigating.

(click on images for a larger view)

In keeping with the Memorial Day weekend, this fife and drum group from Yorktown did
a great job of reminding us of our past.

The above two pictures represent part of the collection of John Roane of Saluda, VA. This is
a set of IHC "M" engines. John is shown in the picture on the right posing with the 10 HP "M".

This 1 1/2- 2 1/2 HP IHC "LB" was shown by J. W. Armistead. We enjoyed
our chat with him, and hope to see him at some other shows this summer.

Gary Naylor had a neat display which included the two engines shown above. On the left is a Duro water pump
operated by a Lister "D", and the second picture is a New Holland grist mill run by a 1 1/2 HP Wolseley "WD1".

These two pictures show Rick Stancliff's very rare Blakeslee
engine. Rick, of Richmond, VA would be very interested in finding any other owners of one
of these engines. If you know of any other examples, please contact me at the address at the
bottom of the page. This engine ran great all the time we were at the show.

Above, are pictures of part of the collection belonging to Howard Field of Gloucester, VA. The picture
on the left shows Howard working on getting his newly completed model of a Robson Cogwheel engine.
this is a non compressing engine, and is very interesting. This engine was built using castings and
plans by Bill Santos. The picture on the right is his Hocking Valley corn sheller

* *
Above left is a great running and very original 4 HP Domestic type "A". This is a very impressive slow running
sideshaft engine. It is owned by Joe Fidd of Glen Allen, VA. We really enjoyed our chat with Joe. On the right
is a beautiful 4 HP Ruston Hornsby 'AP' shown by Nelson Franklin. Sorry we missed Chuck. These are two top
quality engines and a great tribute to their makers.

These are among my favorites in the tractor area .
Left, is a Frick steam traction engine, owned by Curtis and Cheryl Cook of Chesapeake, VA, and
Charles and Dorothy Mayer of Cobb's Creek, VA. On the On the deck is Tim Wade, of Roxboro, NC
Pictured on the right is my favorite model of tractor, a Rumely Oil-Pull owned by John Bowser. John
lives in the Chesapeake - VA Beach area. The Rumely belonged to John's grandfather, so it's really
special to watch the 3rd generation operating a family heirloom. (Thanks to Tim Wade for the above info)

* *
Left is a great homemade tractor built by Calvin Williams of Gloucester, VA. Center is the 15 HP
Pattin Bros engine. This engine has so many features that others might learn from that I have
put a few other shots together on another short page that can be seen by clicking HERE
On the right is a picture of Calvin's beautifully restored John Deere D. Calvin was concerned
because he doesn't have a grill on it yet, but maybe someone will help him find one;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Ken Christison