East Bend, NC June 3, 2000

This was my second visit to this club's show. They have moved to a new
location which was much easier for me to find. The arrangement of displays
is much better than before. The weather was HOT! Fans shade and liquid
refreshment were the order of the day. As usual, I ran into several folks from
previous shows and made a few new aquaintances. I am still learning to use
the new camera, so some of the pictures are not framed as well as I would have
liked, but time and experience should improve future images.

(click on image for larger picture)

* One of my favorite people at these shows is Willard Moore of Jamestown, NC.
Here he is standing in front of his 4 HP Frick portable. This will be one of many engines at his sale to
be held in October.

Mark Almond and his wife are shown above with their display. Mark always
has some interesting mechanical devices to show. Here, we can see the replica
of Henry Ford's first engine made out of pipe fittings on the left. His little
electromagnetic engine is on the right.

This engine is a Stewart "Little Major" owned by Cecil Apple of
Reidsville, NC. Cecil is camera shy, so I couldn't get a picture of him without risking the
loss or our friendship;-) (sorta looks like the photographer was drunk)

Bill Johnson of Greensboro, NC is another of the regulars seen
at most shows in North Carolina. I am so used to seeing his 7 HP Fuller and Johnson that
I didn't even notice that this is a Hercules of about the same size. (Bill neds to quit talking
with his hands.) ;-) (sorry about that)

We have seen this engine at shows before, but haven't had the chance
to meet the owner, Danny Ward of Walkertown, NC until this show. The engine is a 6 HP "Bulldog",
built by Bates and Edmonds. I enjoyed meeting Danny, and hope to see him at more shows. If
anyone is interested in a catalog page with these engines, click HERE.

* *
Above left, Morris Floyd and Ken KcIntosh are enjoying some shade and a "cool" breeze provided
by Morris's 3 HP Fairbanks belted to a couple of squirrel cage fans. In the center, Ken is shown with
his unique display of a 1928 Chevrolet engine with a few modifications to make it visually interesting.
On the right is a better picture of this engine, provided by Morris Floyd. (Thanks Morris!)

Another of the folks we have seen at a lot of the shows is Elwin Muntz
of Advance, NC. He usually shows this McCormick Deering corn grinder powered by his
IHC "LA or LB", not sure which.

* Left, James Hendrix of Mocksville, NC *
is shown with his 5 gallon "Country Freezer" powered by a 1 1/2 HP John Deere 'E' This freezer
was built by an Amish concern in Ohio. James did a very nice job of making the jackshaft and
pulley arrangement to reduce the churn pulley speed shown on the right. I really enjoyed the
short chat with James and look forward to seeing him at other shows in the future.

* Roy McSwain of Norwood, NC and his grandson *
Tim Poole are shown here with some of Roy's toys. Especially interesting was his newly aquired
Fairbanks Morse Eclipse which is apparently an early example of the Eclipse line. Roy, and anyone else
interested in learning more about these engines can go to Patrick Livingstones page by clicking HERE
Patrick, many thanks for sharing this information!!

* Walter O'Neal of Statesville, NC is shown making some *
adjustments on one of his numerous steam toys. Walter and his wife have a great collection of toys, very well
displayed. On the right, is a picture showing some detail of three variations of one model. This is another
example of my still learning to see what I am trying to save. I missed half of the engine on the right ;-(

* Tommy Rumley of Greensboro, NC is shown amongst *
a few of his steam toys. Tommy also had a great display of toy stoves and other toy items such as coffeepots,
irons, a refrigerator, and an electric washer, some of which can be seen in the trailer on the right.

John Turner had his 1 3/4 HP United shown here running a Reliable butter churn.
I always enjoy seeing displays showing how these engines were used. Thanks, John!

Leo Wyrick and Maxine Malabre of Sophia, NC are shown with Leo's Enterprise
buhr mill, and Maxine's Merry Tiller. We have enjoyed seeing Leo at many of the local shows.

This ice cream vendor was one of the more popular sites at the show. The weather was perfect for
this type of enterprise!!

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