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Above: left - A rare Oriole Bros. farm gristmill owned by Dave Weidler of Williamsport, PA.
left center - a nice Quaker City burr mill owned by Rev. Leonard Aycock of Concord, NC.
right center - a well done 3/4 HP Sattley air cooled engine owned by Charlie Coughenour
of Laurinburg, NC. right - Max Stafford of Linden, NC talks about his 3 HP Witte.

* *
Above: left - Bill Boose of Turkey, NC is bagging meal to give away. He doesn't
want it to be a business, hence, work. He is shown with a beautifully crafted
reproduction of a Meadows mill, with 8" stones! This mill was built by Vernon
Silvers of Mountain Home, NC. in 1991, and after he died, Bill acquired it. He
now operates the mill in memory of Vernon Silvers. What a great working model
to go with his full sized Williams mill in the background. middle - This is a rare
5 HP Palmer YT2 marine engine that is presented beautifully by Doug Kelley of
Lake Wylie, SC. This is one of only 6 known. right - This is a nice example of
a 15 HP IHC Famous owned by Ray Medford of Gastonia, NC.

  * *
Above: left - This is an unusual 12 inch R C Meadows mill run with an Economy
engine, owned by Harry Gibson of Statesville,NC. middle - This is a 16 inch
Meadows mill owned by Wayne and Terry Stroud of Harmony, NC. right -
This 1 HP Rock Island is owned by George Tart of Dunn, NC

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