* *
Above: left - This little Bluffton air cooled engine followed John Filicky
of Smithfield, NC., home. center - this 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse with
radiator, belongs to Roscoe Bullard of Autryville, NC. right - This is an
Edwards 2 cylinder, and can be run with one or two cylinders, according
to horsepower needs.

* *
One great thing about going to shows is meeting people whom we have been
communicating with through the Stationary Engine List. Above left, is Tommy
Turner of Magnolia, KY., with his 3 HP Field Brundage. We had a great visit
with Tommy, his wife Camille,and son Isaiah. There seems to be little doubt that
3 year old Isaiah is already infected with old iron fever :-) They graciously shared
their shade and refreshments with us, giving us a much needed rest. Thanks guys!!
center - is a Goulds pump operated by a 2 HP Witte, owned by Richard Lee of
Coolridge, WV. right - a neat display of a Myers pump, a 2 1/2 HP Ideal engine
(in back), and an engine I failed to document running the pump, belonging to
Mike Starkey and his son Mike, of Bedford, VA.

* *
Above: left - a nicely restored 5 HP P T Legare that was owned by
Larry Carnell, of Durham, NC. middle - is a nice set of Majestic engines
of 2, 3, and 5 HP, owned by Larry Bennett of Jonesboro, TN. right - a
1 HP IHC Mogul owned by Robert King.



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