June 30 - July 4, 1999

Denton is usually the hottest place around during the week of the
4th, but this year was the exception, at least for the first 3 days. We went
down on the 1st and 2nd, and the weather was just great. This is the largest show
in the southeast, and even though you see the same displays year after year, there
are always a few new and very interesting machines to look at. As usual, I got
tied up talking to a few people, and missed taking a lot of pictures, but there are
a few here for a fair representation of what I saw this year.

* *
Above: left- Willard Moore, of Jamestown, NC, one of the most respected and
well liked folks in the hobby, is sharing his expertise with some fellow old iron lovers.
Willard brought a Reeves engine of about 2 HP that was belted to a Reeves speed
reducer, and operating his trademark pencil sharpener. middle- The 80 HP Model 32
Fairbanks Morse two cylinder diesel that runs the veneer mill. This is a sweet running
engine that puts out some great 'stack music'. right- This 1 1/2 HP Alamo compressor
outfit is owned by Randy Tucker of Charlotte, NC.

* *
Above: left- A very well presented Associated 4 Mule Team. middle- This is a fun
way to demonstrate a pumpjack using a 6 HP IHC 'Famous', owned by Stanly
Rice of Mebane, NC. right- This great set of fluted hopper Aermotors is seen at
a lot of the shows we have attended. Owned by Lindo Harvell of Laurinburg, NC

* *
Above: left- A 7 HP Fuller and Johnson owned by Bill and Becky Johnson of
Greensboro, NC. middle - a rare pair of Advance engines built by H F Bock, Co.
of Antioch, IL. Owned by Joel Varner of Franklinville, NC (sorry about the poor
detail in the picture). right - A neat row of ice cream freezers owned by Kenneth
McSwain of Norwood, NC.

* *
Above: left - A 3 HP Gilson '60 speed', owned by Tim Krizan of Grand Junction,
MI. middle - This is another display that is seen at a lot of the shows. Bill
and Bessie Hall, of Sarasota, FL, have a great collection of hand cranked slicers,
dicers, peelers, etc. that would put the Ronco (sp) man to shame. right - This
Jensen pumpjack powered by a 1/4 scale Reid is part of a very well done display
of oilfield equipment by Lester and Louise Fisher of New Port Richey, FL.


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