July 15, 2000

Thanks to Dallas and Linda Cox for this show report!

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Charles Props and son, Chris of Mt. Solon, Va. on trailer with 7HP Dan Patch engine.
Sold by R.P. Johnson General Machinery;
Wytheville, Va.

1917 1 1/2HP Hercules Owned by Chris Props
Chris works on vacuum tube radios in winter and engines in summer.
Right; Chris filling water hopper of Dan Patch engine.

1930 12HP Reid
Owned by John (in picture) & Joey Roop; Walkersville, Maryland.
Engine pumped oil in Clarion, Pa. Also has 15HP Reid that he is working on.

1907 5HP Smith's Great Western.
Also had a Cushman and Witte on trailer.
All owned by Ralph Unterzuber; Richmond, Va.

Homemade tractor owned by Edward Sine; Front Royal, Va. Powered by 7HP Economy.
Built from a F12 Farmall rear end; New Idea manure spreader front end; overhead line

shaft from railroad machine shop; channel iron from lathe; and other things I don't remember.

8HP Bessemer. Sign had "Pat. May 30, 1899"

1909 6HP IHC Famous Owned by Charlie Conner

16HP "The Geiser"

1919 7HP Economy Owned by Kenny Landes; Dayton, Va.
Originally owned by his Dad. Restored by Kenny and his Dad.

20HP Oil CityMade by Oil City Engine & Boiler Works.
Permanent display on show grounds.

1921 50HP Type Y Fairbanks Morse Oil Engine.

Permanent display on show grounds

Steam engine running saw for "Thick and Thin Lumber Company"

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