* *
Above left - This group of gentlemen is probably trying to figure why
this IHC 'M' doesn't want to run properly :-) Center and right - These
are two beautiful New way engines. The middle one is a 6 HP and the
one on the right is a 8 HP twin. These are owned by Ed Grimsey of
Mount Joy, PA.

* *
It is always great to see an engine doing what it was intended to do, such
as this Marvel power hacksaw with a 1 3/4 HP Hercules as the power. This
outfit is owned by Hubert Burrell of Clover, SC. The next two engines are
owned by Robert Oaks of Newland, NC. The one in the middle is a 10 HP
Evans which runs beautifully. The engine on the right is a 7 HP Galloway.
Robert does a beautiful job on his custom restorations!!

Above left, is a beautiful 1 HP IHC 'Famous' owned by Ron Bradley
of Mebane, NC. Right - Another example of the modelmaking skills
of Garland Jobe of Greensboro, NC. This is a 6 inch gristmill powered
by a Gray model engine. Garland's woodworking skills are evident in
all of his model presentations which really complement the meticulous
metalworking shown in his engines.

  * *
Above left, a nice 10 HP Acadia and center a 4 HP IHC 'Famous' hopper
cooled, both owned by Lowell Pilgrim of Cleveland, GA. We enjoyed a
short chat with Lowell, and hope to get down his way someday to see the
rest of his collection. On the right, is a pretty little Empire of about 5 HP,
and we failed to get the name of the owner..

We really enjoyed the show this year, and want to thank the members of
the Carolina Flywheelers for another great showcase for this great hobby
of ours.

Questions, comments?