July 23 - 25, Boone, NC

Saturday morning the 24th of July turned out to be as pretty
as can be expected anywhere in North Carolina. There was a
great turnout of exhibitors, but the crowd seemed to be a lot
smaller than we expected. A lot of people missed a great show!!
The show is held in a beautiful mountain setting which adds a
special flavor to the whole day.

(click on image for larger picture)
* *
We met with Tom Schmutz and Dallas Cox at Tom's trailer, where
Tom proudly shows us his 1/2 HP New Holland in the picture above
left. Center - Dallas and Tom are probably talking about someone
on the list who failed to show up :-) Right, a 2 HP Fairbanks Morse
'Jack of all trades', owned by Ralph Leonard of Salisbury, NC

* *
Above - left, is a rare 4 HP White Lily owned by Don Scholl of Sugar
Grove, NC. Center - A nicely restored 1 HP New Way owned by
Gary White of Elizabethton, TN. Right - a 4 1/2 HP Jacobson owned
by Jimmy Joines of Mouth of Wilson, VA

I failed to get the ownership information of the two engines shown
above. Hopefully someone can let me know who they belong to. The
engine on the left is an Associated 'Busy Boy', and the one on the
right is a IHC 'Mogul', of about 6 HP.

* *
Left - above, is a 1 - 3 HP Ellis owned by Ken Cvacho of Forest, VA.
Center - A view of some of the brass on the Ellis. Right - a nice working
display of a 1 1/2 HP Lister 'D' and a pumpjack, owned by Dennis Anderson
of Lynchburg, VA.


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