Shenandoah Valley Steam and Gas Engine Association
July, 29, 2000

This was our first time at this show, and we regret not attending before. We got
there after hours on Friday evening, and I ran into Jim Showers, who is a steam guy.
He gave me a ride on his "little" steamer. What a way to play! We made a leisurely
round of the grounds and everyone got out of our way;-) Thanks Jim!!

(click on images for larger picture)

We then met up with George and Helen Myers who promptly sat us down for a chat and
a welcome cup of coffee! After catching up on some of the news and visiting with
Morris (the Gibbs Guy) Young, we called it a night.

* *
I have a fondness for feed grinders and burr mills. the two mills above were new to
me. The Letz is a common mill, but this one, (on the left), is like two mills in one. It
appears to crimp and grind hay or other types of fodder before it gets to the burrs.
The mill on the right is a burr mill by Martin Manufacturing Co. Minneapolis, MN.
This mill is owned by Joe Cochran of Berryville.

This fine display is owned by Lewis and Betty Gutshall, of Blain, PA.

Martin and Gene Reed of Hernden, VA had a rare 6 HP Ohio and a 4 HP Famous.

Here is a beautiful 2 1/2 HP Detroit. Owner, anonymous.

Another unique piece of machinery is this neat Enterprise Beef Shaver.

Here is some of the striping detail. This beautiful machine and a set
of hand cranked sheep shears and a couple of pedal grinders were displayed by Nelson and Mildred
Zollman of Bentonville, VA. I sure enjoyed the short chat with these fine folks!

This beautiful 2 1/2 HP IHC "Titan" was shown by Sam Harman of Taneytown, MD.

James Notnagle is shown here with his very rare Quincy tractor. James is from
Keymar, MD. I always learn a lot in just a few minutes of conversation with James.

This was our first meeting with Mike Rohrer of Smithsburg, MD. It is always
great to be able to put a face to some of the words we see from the various folks on the ATIS lists.

What better way to haul a couple of cats than with the bulldog:-) This beautifully restored
1964 Mack B-53 is owned by Billy Sanders of Warrenton, VA


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