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A beautiful 3 HP Falk. (owner unidentified.)

Above left, Pete Stauffer of Lerona, WV, is shown with his well done 3 HP Gade. A real nice
running engine. On the right, is his faithful guard dog, a beautiful full sized Airedale. As you
can see, he is keeping an eye on me;-)

"Maytag" Mark Shulaw of Bluffton, OH is shown here with Devin
Holland, son of Curt and Missy Holland, and Mark's rare 1 HP Scott and Ewing engine. Mark's tent
was a great place for the listmembers to meet and get aquainted. (looks like Mark needs a nap;-)

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to photograph this colorful Frick thresher. (owner unidentified)

Here is a very unusual little burr mill powered by a
2 HP IHC "Famous" engine. This mill is a "Talley's Surprise, made in Nashville, TM. It says it is
a "scroll grinding mill" This is a new term to me. It has cast burrs and an oak frame. This great
display is owned by John Turner of Lenoir, NC. Does anyone know what the "scroll" term means?

The little steam engine above is an Engberg marine engine. This is a neat little display with a Myers
water pump and a couple of steam whistles. Owned by Sandra Tanner of Penrose, NC.

Johnny Marson of Shelby, NC is shown above with his display of a 3 HP Sattley running a Dempster
#1 feed mill. This is a great way to set up a small burr mill display . The box behind the mill has a hand
corn sheller mounted to it. (Thanks to Kevin Bandy for identifying the mill. His homepage can be found
by going to: Kevin's Old Iron )

This 6 HP Robertsonville engine was among the
engines that Kenny Wolfe of Peru, IN brought. There was another Robertsonville at this show also.

4 HP Renfrew. (owner unidentified)

Finally, a great image for the season! Jack O Lantern courtesy Tommy Berry, Kings Mountain, NC.


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