October 28, 2000

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful fall day in North Carolina. This show is
the last one of the season for us, and it is also one of the larger shows we attend.
This year I was able to meet up with a larger bunch of friends fron the Stationary
Engine list than any show I have been to. This in itself made the 355 mile trip
worth the effort.

(click on images for 640 X 480 view)

Left to right; Robbie Harris, Dennis Anderson, Ken Cvacho, "Maytag" Mark Shulaw,
Bill Miller, Ron Carrol, Gerald Johnson, Curt Holland, and Dallas Cox.

Our friends George and Helen Myers were there
with their Ottawa display. We always seem to find a lot to talk about when we are together. (George
just couldn't seem to sit still for the camera;-)

Here is a fine example of the Badger engine line by
Christensen Engineering. This is a 7 HP model "C", owned by Larry Harding of Hendersonville, NC.

Here is a nicely restored Baker burr mill. The first one I have seen.

The above engine is a 25 horsepower Fairbanks Morse diesel. this is one of those engines that could easily
lull a person to sleep. What a pleasant sounding engine! Owned by Ernest H. Durham, Pendleton, SC.

These two small engines were on the trailer of Raymond Scholl of Sugar Grove, NC On the left is
a water cooled Bluffton. The first one of these I have seen. On the right is a 1 3/4 HP Macleod.