Arden, NC Oct 22 - 24, 1999

The Arden show is the last of the scheduled shows for us this year.
We ended out going to Arden by way of Boone and the Blue Ridge
Parkway. We left on Friday morning and arrived at Boone in the early
afternoon.It was a beautiful day except for a cool breeze which
didn't bother us except for the times we got out of the car to
take photographs. We were late getting into Asheville, so didn't get
to the show until first thing Saturday morning. Saturday was even cooler,
which probably translated to smaller crowds. The exhibits, as usual,
were worth the trip.

(click on image for larger view)
* *
Above left - this display of nicely restored Aermotors is owned by
Donald Kay of Donalds, SC. Center and right - these two views show
a little of the detail in this rare 'sausage hopper' Aermotor.

* *
Above left - this nice display includes a 2 1/2 HP Aermotor and a 5 HP
model. There is also a 2 HP Domestic in the middle. These are owned by
Charlie Long of Morristown, TN. Center - John Culp Of Bristol, TN, is
demonstrating the art of starting the Maytag to a group of bystanders.
Right - A rare 2 HP National Engineering engine which was running nicely.

* *
Above left - Mike Burns of Simpsonville, SC, is explaining some of the
fine points of the operation of his very slow running early model 20 HP IHC
horizontal engine. Mike is always willing to supply information on IHC engines.
Center - A 15 HP Otto, owner unknown. Right - This 14 inch Nordyke and
Marmon grist mill and 5 HP Desjardins engine are owned by Don Cawthon of
Maggie Vally, NC. This mill was built in 1910, and does a nice job of making
corn meal.

  * *
Above left - A very nice example of a 1 HP Worthington. Center - This
series of drawings aptly shows some of the uses of stationary engines during
their heyday. Right - This middlings mill was built by Thos. McFeely Co. of
Philadelphia. The above three items owned by Joe and June Morris of Powell, TN

  * *
Above - These three engines were displayed by Kenny Wolfe of Peru, IN.
Left - A beautiful Bamford engine. Center great conversion to sideshaft
of an Empire engine. Right is a rare Peerless engine which Kenny recently
acquired. If you enjoy looking at rare and unusual engines, you will really
enjoy the page that Ted Brookover has put together featuring Kenny's engines at:

  * *
Above left - This is a very unusual tank cooled Economy. Note the
unusual configuration of the magneto in the second picture. Right -
This display of hot air and toy steam engines is owned by Bruce
Walworth of Chelsea, MI. Bruce built several of these engines
from scrap materials. We really appreciate his taking the time to
patiently explain the workings and history of these engines :-)

These two IHC Famous engines are owned by Jim Rhoades of
Eastanollee, GA. A beautifully finished 4 HP horizontal and
an upright 3 HP.