Dave Rotigel and the 16 hp. Galloway

 Bill Phifer,Arnie Ferro, George Best, Edd Payne and the back of Dallas Cox

 Arnie and Helen French

 Nels' Hercules and Can Crusher with Charlie Bryant in foreground

 A Birthday Cookout

 Dallas, Dave and Bill

 Dave and Brice's Economy

 Dave, Trying to Find The Soap ?

 Don Siefker and his Wife

 An Aussie in his Natural Surrounding

 Edd Payne and Peter Lowe

 Kay Flemming, Dallas and Linda Cox, Kaye Lowe and Arnie

 Helen French and the Bills Strickland

 Don Flemming, Helen and Reg Ingold

 Rob Skinner, Dave, Arnie and Kelley Garcia

 Paul Pavlinovich, Reg and Kaye

 Kelley, Dave, Reg, Peter, Arnie, Kaye and Rob

 Helen, Rob and Paul

 Helen, Arnie and Peter

 Gwen Monk and the Bubble Machine

 Edd Payne's Little Jumbo

 Myself and Jim, Tom, Helen and Chris French

 Paul checks out Tommie Turners OLDS

 Nice Hat Mate !

 Rick Monk, Edd, Leroy Clark and Don

 Reg and Kaye

 Tim and Steffanie Christoff

 No More Coffee for this Guy !

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