First Meeting of 2000
Mo-Kan Antique Power Asso.

On Sunday January 9, 2000, about 60 members of the Mo-Kan club gathered at the printing shop of  Treasure Ray France and his wife Marge for our monthly
business meeting and Pot Luck meal.

Early arrivals Calvin Brookover and Pete Peterson working on our "Hands On" project engine, a McCormick Deering M.


Bruce Mitchel doing some clean up work in the Bead Blaster


Calvin and Pete talk it over.


Still Talking


A 2 hp. R&V that Ray recently acquired.


Jerry Nance looking over some models and fans brought in for the day.


Irma Nance, left, and Dixie Brookover, Plan for the Pot Luck Meal.


Mike Maloy, left, and Tim Chrstoff


Lloyd Whilhites new 1895 Mery model


Some of Ray's "English" Collection


More of the Collection


And from another angle


Things start to heat up as more member arrive


Some of the Ladies Garding the Desert Table!!!!


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