Pictures From Henty NSW Australia
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  H.V. Mckay 7hp. Sunshine 2 Stroke

10-20 Titan Tractor by IHC

  1904 Ronaldson & Co. No. 83

  3 hp. W.A.G. (prototype) Possibly stands for Western Australia Government
3.5 HP. Kelly & Lewis Triumph or Hornsby, sold in S. Australia as J.H. Horwood & Co.

  16 or 20 hp. Austral Hot Bulb Oil Engine

  An Engine Driving a Simplex Brass Milk Pump

  Emerson Brantingham Big Four 30 tractor - made in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Owned by  Mr Norm Johnston.

The tractor was found in Quandialla, New South Wales before being moved to
Longford Victoria where a complete restoration was undertaken, the tractor
has then been taken to various vintage tractor rallies and tractor pulls
throughout Southern Australia.

Mr. Johnston has an extensive collection of Vintage tractors and assorted
farming equipment. The tractor collection is at least 25-30 tractors at the
moment with several more no going tractors and still to be restored.

  Ruston Hornsby PT

Henty #10

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