Edd Payne's Galloway

G-Day all, my good friend Edd Payne of Gulgong NSW. is due to arrive in Kansas City for a five week holiday on the 3rd of August, and he got the idea that he would like to give another of his engines the "Full Treatment" as he has done with his One and One Half horse power  Qttawa . The one he chose, is his Eight horse power  Galloway. The Galloway was already in good repair, as are all of Edd's core collection. The  Crankshaft  was in good shape and before lone the job of stripping and cleaning  was well underway. Next was the painting of the  small parts  and arranging for some  new ones. Edd then chose a pleasing shade of yellow for the  wheels. As we all know, it is the details that make a fine restoration and it is plain to see by the work done on the Webster  Magnetoand the Essex Carby  that Edd is no stranger to details. After hours of cleaning and work, the project starts to come  together , and I think that We all will agree, that the End Results are truly Spectacular.
End # One, # Two, # Three.

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