Edd Paynes Engines
G'Day, I am Edd Payne, of Gulgong, New South Wales, Australia.
I have been an engine collector since the very early 90's and
have amassed a collection of three or four hundred hunks of "Old Iron"

Here I am on the left with my good friend, Ted Brookover of Kansas City,
Missouri, USA. This was on one of my visits to Portland Indiana, home of the largest
Antique Engine Rally in the world.

Here are some pictures of some of my collection, I hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions, contact me at edsingns@winsoft.net.au


10 hp. IHC Famous TG
2 hp. New Holland HM
 3 hp. Cooper / Stover
4 hp. IHC Mogul Portable
5 hp. Austral side shaft
5 hp. Galloway HM
 2 hp. Alamo
8 hp. Blackstone side shaft
8 hp. Fairbanks Morse "N"
3 hp. Hornsby
Melvin (Scottish)
New Way
1 1/2 hp. Ottawa
Tangy side shaft
1 1/2 hp. Fuller & Johnson
1 hp. Cooper / Stover
1 hp. Famous / Titan
1 hp. IHC Mogul
1904 A3 Olds
1 1/2 hp. Sandwich
Air Cooled Blufton
2.5 hp. Hercules
2.5 hp. United
2 hp. Buzacott
2 hp. Cooper / Stover
2hp. Fairbanks 7 Morse Z
2 hp. James Martin
2 hp. Vertical IHC Famous
3 hp. Fairbanks & Morse Z
3 hp. Nelson Bros. "Jumbo"
Associated "4 Mule Team"
5 hp. Buzzacott
6 hp. IHC Famous
6 hp. IHC Mogul
8 hp. IHC Famous
Vertical Bamford
Vertical Barlow
Bental "Pioneer"
Buzzacott 5 hp.
Vert. Buzacott & Vert. Mofit Virtue
Deutcher Triumph
Edd at the Storage Shed
Fairbanks Morse 3 hp. Z
5 hp. Fuller & Johnson
Fuller & Johnson "Big Four" 
Galloway 6 hp. "Masterpiece"
Hercules Mod. J
H.V. McKay 
1.5 hp. IHC M
3 hp. IHC M
6 hp. IHC M
2.5 hp. IHC "Mogul"
4 hp. Ingego
Bloomer Mach. Works, "Keller"
Kelly & Lewis
Lister Vertical
From a Former Hobby ;)
A Few Maggies
Type 1 Massey Harris
Fairbanks Morse No. 2 "Eclipse"
New Zealand built Anderson
In The Storage Shed
In The Storage Shed
In The Storage Shed
In The Storage Shed
In The Engine Shed
In The Engine Shed
In The Shop
In The Shop
In The Shop
In The Shop
In The Shop
Type W Stover
Type 1 Sundial
Type 2 Sundial
Sunpet & Type D Ronaldson Tipit
2 hp. Mod. B Witte
3 hp. Type T Fairbanks Morse
Type W Field & Brundage
Vertical Stover Type YC
Vetical Tangye
1.25 hp. Type VJ Monitor
2 hp. Waterloo "Big Chief"
2 hp. Waterloo Boy
Vertical Wolseley