Missouri Valley Steam and Gas

Engine Show 1997
Booneville, Missouri
Please excuse the picture quality, these were captured from video

Published by Ted A. Brookover  (c) 1998-2001 All Rights Reserved

10 hp. IHC M  Air Cooled Waterloo  Air Cooled Ottawa  12 hp. Associated
   Vertical Blakeslee   Bates & Edmunds Bulldog  Bates & Edmonds Bullpup  Mytag Twin Cutaway
 Maytag Compressor  Maytag Generator  A Man and His Fan  My Dad, Calvin, and a spectator
 Fairbanks Morse T Generator  2.5 hp. IHC Famous  Maytag Fruitjar engine  5 hp. Galloway
 1.5 hp. Alma Jr. Clipper  10 hp. Stover  Water Cooled Ottawa  6 hp. Root and Vandervort
 Another Ottawa  A 4 hp. Myric  2.5 hp. Weber  Witte Headless Kerro Burner