Engines of the Past
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In 1998 I was a self employed builder and working on a house. I was turning one large bathroom into two smaller ones.  Beside the garage of the house next door was an old looking rototiller.  I sneaked over there and what did it actually say on the rototiller???  Why ROTOTILLER of course.  I grabbed the starter cord and it pulled out easy, but nothing happened.  I asked the home owners of the house I was working on how long the tiller had set over there right under the eaves getting rained on like that and they said it had been there two years in the same spot.   The next day took my trailer along and I was still there when the guy came home from work.  I went over and asked about the tiller and he said it had been given to him and he had two different small engine repair guys look at it and neither of them said they could even get parts to fix the recoil.  As he said that he reached down and pulled out the cord and let it retract.  Nothing,,,,

I had an idea, but I didn't say anything about what was wrong with it.  Instead I asked if he would consider selling it. He said, "Sure, How about $20.00."  I handed him the money, backed my trailer close and he helped me load it.  I drove back next door as he went inside.  I pulled out two bolts and the whole recoil housing came off.  When I saw what was in there I understood why it didn't start just by pulling the cord,,,,,
You have to push in the button first to engage the starter,,,,,, 8>))
I put it back together, pushed in the button and pulled the cord.  Lots of compression, but no spark.  I smiled though.  Two what kind of guys had looked at that thing??????  8>))  At the next swap meet I found another mag for it.

Well,  That is where this addiction started.   I grabbed some other old stuff that was laying around here and a couple weeks later went to the Buckley Old Engine Show and set up a display.  There at the show I bought the first parts of my air-cooled 6-HP American Ace Ottawa Log Saw and a Fairbanks Morse ZC-52.  That was it.  I was hooked right there.

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