Bill's Antique Gas Engines Intro

Below are a few of my engines, some restoration information, serial number lists, technical articles and photos.
There is a lot to see and do, so please look around!

Central Hawkeye logo This is the gang of thugs that got me started!
Click on their logo to visit their homepage.
Click photo for a larger version.
It's a 2hp model NC Fuller & Johnson built in 1927 and was missing only fuel tank and grease cups.
1918 Chevrolet V8 photos. No, it is not mine! I really wish the engine was mine, but alas, it was seen in a museum in the Dakotas. I put the photos here to show that the V8 isn't as new as many think! Click on thumbnails to view larger photos.

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Chapman Section

A story of one of my biggest restoration challenges.
To read about this engine from Canada, click the picture at the right.
Includes some great pics at bottom of page.

Pic from Chapman literature

Interesting Chapman information, and serial number list.
Click the picture at left to learn more about this unique engine and the company that built them.

Wonder when your own Maytag was built?
To visit my Maytag manufacture dates page,
click the script at left.

Maytag twin longframe

My first "antique".
A Maytag "long frame" twin from 1937.

(1937 twins were painted with the "single cylinder" green.)

More to do and see below.

Iowa Logo  - Click to see list of Iowa made engines
A listing of engines built right here in Iowa.

Click here to see Chase engine photos

My F20 tractor pics.
Click the tractor to see a couple of pics of my 1936 F20, etc..
F20 - click to see my tractor page

Fairbanks-Morse Logo - Click for serial numbers
List of Fairbanks-Morse manufacture dates.
When was your Fairbanks Morse Engine built?
Click logo above to find out.

Click photo below to see the story of my Humdinger pump restoration. Most of this rig was cleaned using electrolysis.
Click to see engine pictures
Click below to see Pictures of some of my engines, plus show pictures.
Pics Page More pics page Still even more pics page!

Tips for engine restoration

(Some parts currently under construction)
This series is designed to help engine collectors and restorers understand some of the science behind their engines, and to provide useful tips and "specs" for those needing to repair or restore old engines.
  1. Ignition and magnetos
  2. Pistons, rings and cylinders (working, not finished)
  3. Crankshafts and bearings
  4. Engine governors
  5. Fuel systems 
  6. Cleaning rusty parts using a bucket of water, laundry (washing)soda and a battery charger - electrolysis.
  7. One man's story of pouring new babbit bearings.

  Test your knowledge of governors. You might be surprised!
  My Governor page includes a short test, and description of "hit n miss" gas engine governor operation.

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