Wing Pilot Engines


The Wing Gauge and Instrument Company was based in Hawthorn, in Melbourne, Australia. Very little is known of their history, as they were bought out by Philips in the early 80s and all records were destroyed. They made marine engines for a while, some of which were converted for use as stationary engines.

I have Pilot engine, serial number GP1344. I presume that the GP stands for General Purpose, as this engine has a throttle govenor.

Other varieties of this engine included the Agra engine, 4hp @ 2200RPM, and of course the Pilot engine. Over it's short production period, this engine had many cosmetic changes, but mechanically it remained a 4 stroke, side valve engine with a displacement of 188cc developing 2hp @ 2000 RPM. It is air cooled by a forced draught from the flywheel fan. It is an engine of nearly entirely alloy construction, and so they are supposedly ideal for marine use. Many accessories were available for it, including tailshafts, propellers and fluid clutches.

The engine was available with or without a govenor, and in high or low compression models.

My Pilot is a later one, high compression with a govenor.

The magneto on this engine is supposed to be a Lucas RS1, however, the original one that was on it was cold as ice. Not having another one around, I fitted a Lucas SR1 to the engine, and it will do until the situation allows me to get hold of a hot RS1.


I'm not sure if the fuel tank is original, but the radiator cap lid is factory standard.

This engine is another project that is now running quite nicely, but still needs a bit of work. New bedlogs and magneto are in the works, something else to save up for.

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