Lister Engines


My first and so far only lister engine is a 1949 Model 'A', serial number 271618. The identification plate states that it is a model A30T. What the 30T means I donít know, but I do know that the engine has flywheels from a 'B' type. The 'A' type is 3.5 horsepower, while the 'B' type is 5 horsepower, with heavier flywheels. We suspect that the engine was used on a generator, because of the flywheels which give a smoother power flow (thanks Laurie!!)

This engine is my first engine with spoked flywheels. I am well on my way to a horizontal now!!

Nameplate and agents details.

View from starting and govenor side.

View from fuel pump side.

View from carburettor and fuel tank side.

The engine is now finished being repainted and Runs very well. It has new bearings and rings and is like a new engine.

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