Villiers Engines

Villiers Engineering Co. was established in1898 and is still operating in Wolverhampton, England, where they were founded. Many Australian engines were made in Ballaarat, Victoria. They made engines for motorcycles, lawn mowers and various stationary engines.

The first Villiers engine I acquired was a lawn mower. It is a Ransomes Sims and Jefferies cylinder mower. The engine is a Villiers 'Midget', 98cc, and made between 1931 and 1934. It is an air-cooled two stroke, serial number 13 3A 99 393. Click here to hear it running.

Ransomes Minor Mk 6

The grass catcher box, although it fits perfectly, I don't believe is original, because it refers to the 'late' King George - who died in 1951. It contains the Latin words:

Pense Oniso

Dieu et mon droit

By appointment

Manufacturers of Horticultural Machinery


The Late King George VI

Ransomes Sims and Jefferies Ltd Ipswitch

Insignia on Grass catching box

The mower has a 12-inch cut. The serial number of the chassis is AQ2380. It has a pair of wooden rollers on the front, and a large metal driven cylinder on the back. The gearbox is on the side, and it has two clutches, one centrifugal and the other having two pins which slide to make a contact.

View of the mower from an angle

I also have a spare engine for this mower. I have polished it up to show the solid brass flywheel and cast crankcase.

Spare engine before restoration

My second Villiers engine was a vertical shaft lawn mower. It is a common engine, on a 'Supa Swift' chassis. It was made in the 1960's.

Villiers 'Supa Swift'

These engines were sold on many different chassis, including Supa Swift, Challenger, Villager and Grassmaster. They are a simple two-stroke engine, with the standard Villiers ignition system on the earlier ones, and an external magneto on the later ones. All 70cc models had external points.

The next of my engines was a Villiers Mark 12 horizontal stationary engine, 1.3hp. Not a rare engine, they were widely used throughout country Australia and Britain. They were nearly identical to the Villiers Mark 10, except the bore is a little larger. Both models were made in both England and Australia.

Villiers Mark 12

I have restored this engine to a condition as original as possible.

I also have a Villiers Mark 10, 1.0hp. This is a smaller version of the Mark 12. I have not yet restored this engine, it is ceased up. It is attached to a water pump, which is also ceased.

Villiers Mark 10


If anyone has any information I have not mentioned here, or have any questions about Villiers engines, please feel free to email me.

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