Huber 16 components

Serial number/patent plaque from the Huber 16.


Steam dome w/lagging still intact

These three images depict the lagging at the forward portion of the boiler. It is known that the boiler was originally manufactured and the engine shipped w/o the lagging. I believe it was installed by a boiler company as the boiler was shipped to Evansville, IN sometime in the late 20's, early 30's for repair and the lagging added at that time.

Traction components

Traction gearing of the Huber 16

These two images depict the left and right drives wheels. Both rear wheels of the Huber are 'drivers' which necessitates the need for some type of differential, of which the dynamics are not completely understood as yet.

Flywheel and clutch assembly

Three images depicting the clutch dog/gearing and flywheel assembly. The clutch 'shoes' appear to be in rather good condition and although somewhat stiff, the entire assembly engaged/disengaged with little effort. In the photo of the flywheel, the 'differential lock' (?) can be seen at the center of the flywheel, just to the left of the yard stick.

Engine components and accessories

Left most image shows the pistons connecting rod. Although tight, this is due more to accumulation of dirt and grease than rust.

Center photo showing cam follower, driving disk and connecting rod. Previous owners had removed the connecting rod from the driving disk thinking the piston was stuck. This however was not the case.

Left photo is of the engines fly-ball type governor. Although the assembly is free on its shaft, the fly-balls are frozen.

Center images depicting double ratchet-type oilers. This Huber 16 originally had only one oiler, a second one added sometime later.

Right image of the Huber 16's pre-heater. It is now removed from the boiler for inspection. When end caps and the internal piping were removed, all was found to be satifactory but piping will be replaced anyway. The wording on the pre-heater jacket reads: THE NEW HUBER.

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