Delivery of the Huber 16

The left image is the Huber 16 arriving home. As you can see in the other images here, a rollback is the "only way to fly".

The center image is the beginning of the unloading 'ordeal'. Even w/the rollback, unloading the Huber 16 was more of a process than we originally thought, as you w/see.

At right I am at the helm, trying desperatly to adjust the Hubers front end to allow it unload safely. No rack and pinion on this machine, that's for certain.


At left, I'm attempting to further release the clutch in order to better facilitate the unloading process.

At center, I've changed positions in a further attempt to release the clutch. Not the ideal spot to operate a traction engine from.

Finally, the left image is of me, the clutch lever and a big 'ol piece of pipe. In the end, the clutch won as the big 'ol piece of pipe broke the clutch handle off. Ouch!

These two images don't necessarily depict the obvious. It appears that myself (red jacket), Kent Honeycut (blue jacket) and Peg (green jacket) are attempting to pull the Huber 16 from the rollback. What we have actually done is to make several wraps around the flywheel with a length of 5/8" rope and are turning the flywheel by pulling the length of rope out. By spinning the flywheel w/the clutch engaged and the gearing reversed, we were then able to 'walk' the engine off of the truck.

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