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Hello to all, I'm Brice Adams.

Above is an image of myself at the business end of my just aquired Huber 16 steam traction engine. It was purchased December 5th, 1998 at Corydon, IN at the estate auction of a well known steam and antique tractor collector who had passed away a few years earlier.


The purpose of this page is to chronicle the events which I hope will culminate in the eventual resurrection through the ultimate post restoration firing of #8213.

The Aquisition

These images record some of the day's events surrounding my aquiring the HUBER.

At far left is the HUBER 16 as it sat quietly in the cool Indiana morning air. Although under roof at this point, it is very obvious that it had spent many years enduring the elements unprotected.

The center image is myself in my favorite floppy tan hat speaking to one of the original owners grandsons. Family and friends of the owner were, and am sure will continue to be, valuable sources of information. Information both technical and sentimental. Both valuable resources.

The image at right is again an impromtu information gathering session. The fellow in the bib overall's is Joe Graziana who has already been of great assistance as he was very well acquainted with both the owner and the engine itself. In the background, as I'm sure you're all curious, is a Keck-Gonnerman 18HP engine. This engine, however, was not offered for sale, although numerous inquiries as to its eventual status continue to be made.

The Day of Delivery

The left image depicts the engine after its delivery. Standing with me (center) is Kent Honeycutt (right) and brother steam enthusiast John Byers (left).

Center photo is myself, again speaking to John Byers (left) regarding the engineers end of the Huber. A topic which will be discussed and depicted to great extent later.

Right photo is Kent Honeycutt (right) and myself discussing the Huber traction and differential gearing. Crouching to get out of the way, is the young son of a friend, Chance Lowry. Notice the wheel tracks at front of the engine. The ground was somewhat moist, but nonetheless, depicts the weight and magnitude of this project.

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Brice Adams ( Bloomington, IN.

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