The Yank Returns
Part 4

Monday - Wednesday June 24-26th - Pubs, Shopping and Starting Tillie

We had a bit of a break between the 1000 Engine Rally and the trip across the channel to Belgium. This gave me a chance to just goof off reading pond side in the garden. Naturally this called for a replenishing of the beer supplies. Lunch was an assortment of cheeses, pate, pork pie, and smoked ham sandwiches. Jim had cleaned up one of his tat stall treasures from Astle Park. It was a neat looking Singer Model 35K1 Industrial Sewing Machine.

While we did find some pictures of it on the net, we still don't really know how it was used. It is pretty cool looking though. For dinner we had a really good Chinese stir fry with chicken, sausage, and noodles.

We were going to be bringing a keg of ale to the Urban Rally at the weekend, so we decided to go to the brew pub,
The Bell in East Langton, and sample some before committing to a 70 pint barrel. The sound of music called us outside to the lawn where we watched a side of Morris Dancers performing. This group performs at area pubs on Monday nights. The Skirmish Dance was pretty impressive; whacking away at each other with great energy and speed using long beribboned heavy sticks. Not the sort of dance to be performed after a few pints.

It was also a good time to do a bit of shopping. I had seen a really neat
gargoyle in Jim & Dolly's garden and decided that a couple of those would travel well in Fat Bastard's crate across the pond. When I got to the shop I totally fell in love with the impudent buzzard in chains and decided on one like Dolly's for my youngest daughter's garden. The lazy dragon was just right for my other daughter's garden as it bore a striking resemblance to her dog Cooper. We also stopped at the Aga store to check out the latest additions to the range. We also stopped over to the Unit to check out Andy's Ferguson tractor. Definitely fun to drive. I may be forced to get a tractor of my own one of these days! We also fired up Andy's 3-4 hp Benz. Dinner was Rude-y Pork, peas, carrots, and new potatoes. Strawberries and cream were a nice finishing touch.

We even gave
Tillie a bash without success. Clearly the head crack is allowing too much of the compression to bleed off into the water jacket. Fortunately, a head repair is planned for the near future. For lunch we has ATIS carrot soup and bread. Dinner was gammon, string beans, jacket potatoes with Marmite and shredded cheddar, and baked beans. We went out to the Coach & Horses for a few pints after dinner, then off early to bed as we'd be getting up EARLY in the morning for the drive to Dover.

Next up is Belgium and Dover Castle.


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