The Yank Returns
Part 3

Saturday & Sunday - June22nd & 23rd - 1000 Engine Rally at Astle Park and the Anson Engine Museum

The weekend for Astle Park was brilliant (all due to the weather control powers of the visiting Yank of course). Astle Park, like Portland in the USA, tends to bring out the very best engines that a bloke has to rally. These are a few that caught my eye.

* The Petter-Light outfits were out in force…

* And one lonely Delco Light Plant with very nice furniture
* 1906 2 hp
Hornsby pump outfit with a very clever set of removable wheels
* 1908 1-1/2 hp
New Holland
* 1920 1/3 hp
* 1923 1-1/3 hp
Hartop "S" Type
* 1911 1-1/2 hp
Rock Island restored by Harry and Lieuwe Terpstra
* 1931 4-1/2 hp
Ronaldson Tippett Austral Oil Engine
* 1913 ¾ hp
* 1908 ¾ hp hot tube
Type H Crossley
* 1921 ¾ hp
Lion Gas Engine
* 1920
½ hp Hobbs and a 1912 1 hp Hobbs
* 1920 3-4 hp
* 1928
* 1915 5 hp
Imperial Pitt that runs on hot tube or magneto
* A nice
pair of Petters; an Apple Top and a Bog Top
* 1910 3 hp
Brown & May lamp start hot tube oil engine
* 1912
Hornsby Stockport (the baby brother of the 140 hp model at the Anson Museum)
* 1935
Stuart R2 engine driving a Lister water pump
* 1934 Spring Injection
* 1923 1-1/2 hp
Fairbanks Morse "competition model" that's in great original condition right down to the steel oiler (Richard Walker has done a nice display sign as well)
* 1917 6 hp
Fairbanks Morse Z in nice original condition
* 1920 4 hp
Tangye "V" type

Some really nice driven displays included a grind stone, two drills, a Lister water pump, and a Frank Pern water pump

* 1928 5 hp
Petter Appletop (rare petrol only model owned by Nick Chancellor)

* 8 HP Petter Atomic
* 1903 1-1/2 hp
Crossley JJ
* A rare blue
* 1903 1-1/2 hp
New Holland with a rare Wizard friction drive magneto
* 1912 1-1/2 hp
Leader Iron Works
* 1914 1-1/2 hp
Type H National Gas Engine
* 1909 2-3/4 hp
Tangye Type AA

1915 17 hp Allan Oil Engine equipped with the optional wench starting system

* 1914 Pilter (a Type K Stover)
* 1918
Foos Junior (with owner Hugh Stannard)
* Nice sheep
shearing outfit
* 1925 1-1/2 hp
IHC "M" (with owner John Hammink)
* Hot air engine driving a small butter churn (with owner
Dave Croft)
* 1 hp
Butler Brothers
* 1/8 hp
Stuart Turner "Meant for Hard Work"
* There was even a pair of 3-4 hp
Lorenz engines for sale for £1400 each
* I don't normally care for marine engines, but this
Thornycroft Handibilly caught my eye.

And, as always, there's a nice assortment of 2-1/2 hp Tulip Top Bamfords

engine line included Dolly French's Margaret Maytag, Jim French's Fairbanks Morse Eclipse and Douglas the model Eclipse, and Fat Bastard my 7 hp 1070 Crossley.

Rally field
engine repairs and adjustments are pretty standard activities. But sometimes the only thing that works with a reluctant engine is an appeal to a higher power and, in extremis, group prayer.

The engines are just one part of an event like the 1000 Engine Rally (or Portland). The best part is getting together again with good friends both old and new.

Creature comforts are well taken care of at an English rally as evidenced by the
chips shop and the beer tent. Two-fisted drinking is an integral part of an engine rally. And this leads to engine mates providing a travelling Yank with interesting things to drink, in this case a bottle of Cockle Warmer and an "appropriate" King Dick spanner. The scene is suitably lit with Tilley lamps. And if you ever wondered where, exactly, Guinness came from, well now you know.

Putt-putt boats in the UK, kewl!

Fat-Bastard… OK, what were Jim's directions again, 'just
set the mixture and compression release and wind like fuck.' Gee, that wasn't so bad. Anyone up for a cuppa?

Now for the lighter side of the rally… Custom rally apparel is VERY important to creating the right image. As in the "
Wild and Woolseley Scotsman" and our very own Flame Mistress in her signature embroidered jeans. This was either Richard Walker doing the famous call "Gentlemen, start your engines" or doing a public service announcement as to who was doing what with whom off in the bushes. And the question for the day is… ARE his eyes open? Must not be, as he ALWAYS seems to be asleep!!

Finally to end the day, a nice
group photo

On arriving at the
Anson Museum we're greeted by a nice, new, nearly ready BIG engine:

A 140 hp Hornsby Stockport gas engine (21" bore, 10'-diameter flywheel)


There's also a huge Crossley Brothers that's "on the list". Maybe next year…

The 1921 Blackstone Oil Engine always drew a crowd at starting time.

Inside Geoff Challinor gave us a look at one of the stolen Gardners that had been repainted prior to recovery by the Anson.

Next up is Pubs, Shopping, and Starting Tillie.


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