1oz custard powder ~ 1.25lb Mascarpone cheese ~ 2 egg yolks ~ 12oz Madeira sponge ~ 1/2pt milk ~ 6tbsp Marsala wine ~ 5oz icing sugar ~ 6tbsp strong black coffee ~ 2tbsp cocoa powder ~ 4oz crushed Amaretti biscuits

1) Grease and line 9" loose bottomed cake tin.
2) Mix custard powder with egg yolks & 2 tbsp milk.
3) In a pan, almost boil the remaining milk, pour over egg and mix well.
4) Return to saucepan, cook gently until mixture thickens.
5) Cover and cool thoroughly.
6) When cool, beat in icing sugar and Mascarpone until smooth.
7) Cut Madeira into 1/2" slices.
8) Cover base of tin with half the slices; sprinke over half of Marsala & coffee
9) Spread a layer of cream onto sponge.
10) Repeat with rest of sponge, wine & coffee and cream.
11) Chill 2-3 hours.
12) Press crushed Amaretti biscuits into top and dust with cocoa powder.


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