Hungarian Goulash

Few rashers smoked bacon ~ 1lb lean braising steak ~ 1 large onion, chopped ~ 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed ~ 2tbsp tomato puree ~ 1/2tsp caraway seeds ~ 2tsp sweet paprika powder ~ 2tbsp seasoned flour

1) Fry bacon for a few minutes, then add onion and garlic, frying until soft.
2) Add caraway seeds a fry a further minute.
3) Cut meat into 1" cubes, toss in flour and paprika and add to onion.
4) Add tomato puree then water or stock as required.
4) Stew for at least two hours (overnight in a low oven is best).

This is the most basic goulash, to which almost anything can be added to taste - tinned tomatoes, green or red peppers, sliced carrots, diced potatoes, celery, peas, wine, pasta sauce etc etc. It can also be made with pork or chicken.

Delicious finished off with a swirl of soured cream.

Oh, and the Gnoccis in mustard sauce?

Open a pack of gnoccis, and cook as per directions. Drain well. Add salt, pepper, butter and Dijon mustard to taste!

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