George Best's Lorenz

George Best, of Beaverton, OR, got his Lorenz through a friend in Holland, and these pictures show it as it was when purchased.

It is a 4-6hp size engine with serial number 11844.

As you can see in the pictures, the engine was painted green which is rather unusal for a Lorenz. The green paint appears to be original and has red pin striping.

When George and his Dutch friend, Harry, were in the Czech Republic on tour in 2002, they talked to the Czech engine dealer who found the engine and subsequently resold it to a collector outside the Czech Republic. He remembered the engine and told them that the green paint was in fact original and that only two green engines were made for a special order.

George and Harry's German wasn't good enough to get all the details, but they are hoping to learn more about this engine in the future.

Besides the unusal paint color the other interesting feature is the wheel brake for the cart.

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