3-4 HP

Following the success of the purchase of the Lister and Petter engines for me by Jim French in England, the question was "What next?". The answer was quite definate - a sideshaft. Jim kept looking and asking, until one contact mentioned that he was soon to collect a couple of Lorenz engines from Germany. A quick phone call from England to Pittsburgh confirmed that I was very interested; a couple of weeks later the call came to say it had arrived in the UK and was in excellent condition.
She was soon christened Sophia, and became the inspiration for me to start a
registry of Lorenz and Benz engines.

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These pictures were my first sighting of my new engine in November 2000

With buying the engine well before my next UK trip, Jim was able to take the Lorenz out, first to the Christmas rally at Abbey Pumping Station, then for the French family's contribution to the 2001 New Year World Wide Crank-up.

In June 2001 I went to England for my second Yank's Trip and met Sophia for the first time, running her before the bags were out of the car!

The summer of 2001 will be remembered by mainly because of Foot and Mouth disease, which stopped many rallies, including the Tyndale Lister Petter rally. A friendly engine enthusiast, Phil Laight, held his own gathering in place of the Lister Petter, and while the Lorenz was running, Jim and I were able to identify a minor adjustment which made her run even sweeter!

Other events were on in the UK - the 1000 Engine at Astle Park in Cheshire (drinking a real Czech Budweiser in honour of Sophia), a classic car night at a local pub, where engines (and my newly purchased Bren gun) are welcomed, and the first Urban Rally held at Leicester's Abbey Pumping Station - the Lorenz takes her place in a line of engines.

After I left the UK, the Lorenz was crated and sent after me, to appear again in public at Portland, Indiana where she was awarded a souvenir of the French family trip to Boston - a rubber lobster for the cooling tank! The final picture was taken at the Fort Allan Antique Farm Equipment Association Ice Cream Festival, on July 27 2002.

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