Atomic Links

Given my job as a nuclear engineer with Westinghouse, I have more than a passing interest in this stuff, and other science-related websites

Nuclear Energy Institute

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist - Nuclear Power Plants Around the World

The Junk Science Homepage

Atomic Rocket Ships of the Space Patrol

Exploding Links

I have a keen interest in dangerous explosive devices ... Take a look at some of these!

Dixie Gun Works - Leaders in muzzle-loading and rare antique gun supplies

Antique Civil War Artillery Reproductions

Ever wanted to fire an anvil? Here's how

Friction primers for cannons - the old way and the new

Clue: This website is called

More anvil-firing antics

Olympic Arms, Inc - home of the Whitney Wolverine

Engine Links

The restoration and showing of antique stationary engines is an ever-growing hobby

Fort Allan Antique Farm Equipment Association, Inc - my local club

Antique Gas and Steam Engines - Harry's Old Engine Homepage

Stationary Engine Mailing List members homepages

Engine Picture Links page

The Oilfield Engine Society

Myrick Eclipse Engine Registry

Jim and Dolly's Engine page

To subscribe to the Stationary Engine Mailing List

Other Links

And this is the stuff I can't categorise!

Sluggy Freelance

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie - protection against mind control!

FBI - French Brothers Insulation. Another website by a stunningly talented web designer.

Arnie Fero


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