Petter M 5 hp tank cooled

Lister CS 5 hp 6/1 diesel, rad cooled

Lorenz 3-4 hp A Czech sideshaft with all original paint

Crossley 1070 7 hp twin sideshaft

Bamford Tulip Top 2¼ hp English open crank

Bamford-Millars 3½ hp Bamford OV with Millars mud pump

4 hp headless Witte  

Novo "S" 3 hp

Novo Rollr 8 hp pump outfit

Sandwich buzz saw 6 hp

Delco light plant  

Bessemer half-breed 10 hp on Farrer & Trefts steambed

Robertsonville 4 hp

CHE mud pump 3 hp (This page is on Dave Rotigel's website - use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page)

2 hp Bessemer Vertical gas-kero

3 hp Detroit Vertical gas-kero

4 hp Leader With triplex water pump

IHC "M" 1-1/2 hp

3-1/2 hp United Throttle governed runs on kero

Homelight Genset  

Cakebreaker Bamford cake breaker

Corn Mill Bamford corn (wheat) mill

Various Water pumps, compressors, blowers, etc. for belting up to various engines. And a few small air cooled engines eg Petter A, Briggs & Stratton, JAP 2A

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