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Gas Turbine Engine?

OK, this is not exactly an old engine, but gas turbine/jet engine technology has been around for quite some time now, so I thought i'd put it up for whoever might be interested in it. This is one of my crazy projects, it is a homebuilt gas turbine engine made using a turbo charger. I've been wondering for a long time if this could work, and I finally tried it and it does work quite well, it sounds like a jet plane taking off when I fire this thing up! It is a running engine but it is far from complete, actually it's still kind of in the development and improvement stages. I've had some other stuff to work on so this kind of got put off to the side for now. Eventually i'll setup a nice skid that has all the accessories, controls and gages. I used a couple pieces of 5" pipe to make the oil tank and oil cooler. The pump is a gear pump I happened to have laying around. I've set this one up to run on propane, the funny thing is, it takes more propane to run this thing than what my foundry uses. I could make it run on kerosine or deisel but that's more development & engineering to make that change, maybe later? I have a larger turbo to build another I might consider using kero, or deisel for it. Here's a short movie clip of the engine running, not really much to see, the sound isn't the greatest but you can hear the whistle of the turbine running. Note- the movie clip is quite large (9.49MB) unless you have a fast or broadband internet connection it will take a while to download. Turbine Movie Clip9.49 MB.

Here is one of the critical components of the engine, the flame tube. It basically houses the flame, since there's such a high volume of air coming into the chamber, the flame would not burn without this as it would get blown out. The large holes at the bottom, I have enlarged after this picture was taken, they let the rest of the cool air to pass through the turbine to help cool it, and it also creates engergy to drive the turbine as the air expands going through from being heated.

This is a view of the combustion chamber looking at the flanged end where the flame tube bolts in. This photo didn't turn out quite so well, but there is a plate welded inside about 2 inches up from the bottom flange wich bolts to the turbo. This plate has a hole cut in big enough to mate with the end of the flame tube. The tube coming in on the top left of the photo is the air coming in from the compressor. It comes strait off the compressor, no restriction.

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