1.5 KVA light plant

This is a 1948 Kohler  They were made in 115 VAC  and DC  also in manual start and
Fully automatic electric start.
The hp is not given.  It is a 4 cyl 2 in. bore, 3 in stroke and weights 497 lb!  It holds 7 qts of oil and 9.5 qts of water.
A "modern power plant of this power would use a 3 hp engine.

The automatic version uses just 3 relays to sense when a light (or other load) is turned on, start the generator, sense that it was started and up to speed, transfer the power to the load, and shut down when the load is gone!

The large relay on the left is the load sense relay (Two coils, one for DC when the unit is off and one for AC when the Generator is running.
The large relay on the right is the Generator start relay
"L" is a thermo cut out to shut off the unit if it doesn't start quickly
The Light Plant starts and senses loads with 24VDC Batteries.  The batteries are automatically charged (but at a fixed rate)
The light plant draws NO power in standby!
It can be crank started

I have one of these and have a lot of fun with it at shows.  I rig it up with a "wall switch" and a string of lights and invite passer byes to turn on the light.


Here are some similar units

This one is a very nice manual start light plant
Thanks to Jim Dunmyer

Specifications for Kohler light plant
Date Your plant by Sr #
Thanks to Dave Rotigel

A 95 page manual on the 1.5KVA light plant shown above
115 VAC  manual and automatic start.
 Adobe Acrobat file Caution,  It is 9.6 meg!
Thanks to Jim Dunmyer for the space

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